Helen Shepard at Jim’s Coffeehouse & Diner, 2011 — photo by JC

Remote Control
by Helen A. Shepard


Who has control over us?

We are remote, removed, distant

From each other

Located in a different space and time

Never-ending days of separation

Linked only by gadgets run

By electricity and clicks of the fingers

Contacts through screens

Separated by pageless words

Meaningless metaphors, foreign places,

   voices, songs, rhythms and rhymes

Click a picture, click a message, click click.

We continue to breathe in this frosty air

Abstracted in muddled thoughts

Of remorseless remoteness

Trying to contact and renew our feelings

For each other but finding only

Remnants of our dreams

In this remote control.

* * * * *

Helen Shepard of Oberlin, Ohio, taught at Lorain County Community College and retired as an Associate Professor of Spanish. For many years she continued giving courses for their Center for Lifelong Learning.  Helen has traveled extensively and read several times at Snoetry and elsewhere.  Find out more about her at www.helenshepard.com.