About This Archive

This is an archive of posts from the daily Crisis Chronicles Cyber Litmag that Cleveland poet John Burroughs created and curated between June 2008 and June 2014.  Scroll down our left sidebar to the Category Archives to explore nearly 3000 literary works we’ve posted over six years of publication.

We migrated the Cyber Litmag to WordPress on 25 May 2014 after Go Daddy decided to discontinue Quick Blogcast. Now that it’s done we’re very happy we moved.  However, in the process of migration, some photos that were hosted by GoDaddy have disappeared and some other issues may have crept in.  So if you notice anything amiss – formatting glitches or other errata – please contact John at jc@crisischronicles.com and he will apply the requisite fix.

For more about us, visit http://www.crisischronicles.com.

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