Electric Ladyland in My Head as I Lay in Bed


What would it be like in my room
If Hindu goddesses were here to share
this morning with me–
The bed was bejeweled with roses and marigolds?
                                    Can a man understand a woman’s heart
                                    If he listens to her the way he plays
                                    A Rickenbacker twelve string?
                                    The answer is in experience.
                                    Am I experienced?
                                    The patterns of my closed eyes
                                    Take me inside the Peacock Room 
                                    Where walls are gold and teal 
                                    And I can lay my body out on velvet.
                                    A lover is more than physical and emotional intimacy
It is making love to the collective unconscious we
                                    Discover in each other,
                                    It is understanding that a lover is beautiful
                                    Because of the experiences had with past loves
                                    And those loves are a gift because they make
                                    The lover who they are.
                                    We are all a part of the mandala
                                    We are all mixed into the color wheel of the universe

* * *

Heather Ann Schmidt
received her MFA from National University and has taught writing for a number of higher learning institutions.  A fine singer and visual artist, she also edits the tinfoildresses poetry journal and is the founding editor of Recycled Karma Press.  Her books include Red Hibiscus (Crisis Chronicles 2013), Batik (NightBallet, 2012), Transient Angels (Crisis Chronicles 2011), On Recalling Life Through the Eye of the Needle (Village Green, 2011), Channeling Isadora Duncan (Gold Wake, 2009) and The Bat’s Love Song: American Haiku (Crisis Chronicles, 2009).