Johny Godace

Johny Godace

Subconsciously Self-Restrained

Death and despair embed in the air
With questioning glares and embarrassing stares
Some empathy here, more sympathy there
The vision is dreadful and simply unfair
More hesitant glances and halted advances
The irony stance is now plainly aware
That follicles fail and comparisons pale for a male
The thought of him losing his hair


* * *

About Johny Godace:

I’ve always enjoyed poetry and I started on Shel Silverstein when I was young. Poe became a huge inspiration later on. Other inspirations include Alvin Schwartz (writer) and Stephen Gammell (illustrator) who worked on the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark book series. Various Hip-hop artists played an integral part as well as Kevin Smith: screenwriter, actor, film producer, and director, as well as a popular comic book writer, author, and podcaster. I always loved good wordplay and appreciated intricate ways words can make the reader feel and give them a visual for what the writer is communicating to the reader.