Paul Corman-Roberts

Rolling the Dice One More Time at the Last Chance Ego Death

You aren’t really

taking the time

to enjoy being

away from home.

& even if you danced

it would still

be less frenetic

than your quietude

& if we groped

ardent & fumbling

it would be

more serene still

than your imperious meditations

& if we reach

that vista where

our convergence ends,

will you take

but one moment


to look in my eyes

to look in my scars

to look in my thorns

and how far

will you run

when you see

the mesh nest

I made for you


Paul Corman-Roberts is co-founder of the Beast Crawl Literary Festival in Oakland, California.  He is a compulsive organizer and writer of frequently subversive words.  His out of print collections of poems and flash are 19th Street Station from Full of Crow Chapbooks, 2011; Neocom(muter) from Tainted Coffee, 2009; and Coming WorldGone World (The Abomunauts Are Coming to Piss on Your Lawn) from Howling Dog Press, 2006.