Jeffrey Bowen – photo by Kim Yanoshik


from this series of silicon chips, copper wire, quartz relays,

and plastics extruded

from the underground seas of ancient trees

and dinosaur bones,

come electrical impulses,

shamanic magic,

allowing words to bounce from fingers on keys,

to the small blinking antenna in the corner of the living room,

just this side of the river-view window,

through a series of wires

to a cell tower dish,

and then to a satellite circling the earth

beyond the atmosphere,

then back down again

to another dish,

atop a massive data storage facility,

inside a sierra madre


on the other side of the continent,

or perhaps as close as a basement lab

at the university on the other side of town,

and then, in the blink of an eye,

a nod of the head,

pass from dish to cable to dish

and back again,

until they come to rest on another screen,

become retinal impression,



lips just forming a smile.

* * * * *

Jeffrey Bowen’s poetry has been published by ArtCrimes, Cicada, Cool Cleveland, Crisis Chronicles, CSU Poetry Center, Dimensions, Doan Brook Watershed, Excursions, Green Panda Press, Hessler Street Fair, Procrastination Press, Poet’s League of Greater Cleveland, The City, The Cleveland Reader, and Whiskey Island Magazine.  He is one of six poets profiled in the 1995 documentary, “Off the Page”.  Four of his poems are featured on Cleveland Tumbadors, an album of Traditional Afro Cuban Music and Latin Jazz on Fame City Records.  Jeffrey is the resident poet & conga player with the band, Cats On Holiday, and his poetry appears on their CD, Holiday in a Box from COHTONE Records.  In addition to his poetic work, Jeffrey’s writing has appeared in Call & Post, City News, Cool Cleveland, EcoWatch, Elephant Journal, Girl Scout News, GreenCityBlueLake, Live Cleveland, Neighborhood News, Nonprofit Notes, Sun News and various Habitat for Humanity publications.