Chuck Joy at the Literary Cafe – photo by Chandra Alderman

That Dancing Mood

here comes the weekend
Friday six thirty, we could be anywhere
we choose to be here
Taos New Mexico, west end of town

the yard of a brewpub
swept clean between tables under pinetrees and cottonwoods
we are sitting at a table
visitors from Colorado

the trees are hung with red
and yellow lanterns, the sky
purple, silver stars, one falls

around the bar itself, inside the brewhouse
a log structure with big porches
poets are gathering, we saw the poster
Poetry Open Mic Every Friday Night

he says, Wow this is Taos
she says, Can you imagine?

we watch the poets
pulling up tables, notice a podium behind a railing on a porch
now a nice stage

the host, blue bellbottoms, brown jacket, fringe, wide-brimmed hat
a moustache, looks like Richard Brautigan

these poets are hot
several women, older men
some apparently Native American
their voices trumpets in the darkness
doo-wop prophets, blowing their lines to a chorus of uh huhs and oh yeahs
A very demonstrative audience, she laughed

awkwardly he stands
pushing his bench back, Let’s dance
extending his hand, she grabs it

that’s where we leave them
dancing on the dirt floor 

* * * * *

Chuck Joy
authored All Smooth (Destitute Press) and Key West Quartet (Edinboro Book Art Collective).  He has read at every Snoetry, the Confluence, two International Festivals, The Erie Book Store, Poets’ Hall, Mac’s Backs, Mahall’s 20 Lanes and Woodlawn Diner. His new chapbook, Every Tiger Wants To Sing, is now available from Poets’ Hall Press.