Steve Brightman [photo by T.M. Göttl]

The Other Direction 

There’s no way
to watch every side;
you trust yourself to hear it
before you see it.

There’s no comfort
when every direction
is the other direction.
There’s no sleeping easy.

There’s no reflection,
no glint of sun in bed of blue,
no warning lights.

There is rumble,
you think.
You cannot tell.
Your hands shake.
There is interruption,
there is doppler.
There is weather girl
saying “now.”

* * * * *

Steve Brightman lives in Kent, Ohio. He firmly believes in two seasons: winter and baseball. 

He is the author of countless chapbooks including, most recently, 13 Ways of Looking at Lou Reed (2013, Crisis Chronicles Press);  
In Brilliant Explosions Alone (2013, NightBallet Press); Like Michelangelo Sorta Said (2013, The Poet’s Haven); Absent The (2013, Writing Knights Press); The Logic of Meteors (2011, Writing Knights); and Sometimes, Illinois (2011, NightBallet).