A Stupid Little Part of Me That Will Not Die

I guess if I were a better man
I would cross all the useless miles
from here to wherever it is you are
and it wouldn’t matter
what you were doing or who you were
doing it with
I would find you and I would tear
my dumb heart from my dumb
chest and I would place it at your feet
then turn and walk away
but I am tired
and lazy
and have always lacked a flair
for nobler deeds
and I know this kind of thing bores you
and you’re not much given
to sentiment
but there’s still a stupid little part of me
that will not die
that feels the need to tell you
how your laughter saved me
for a little while
and taught me how to truly weep
and even on your worst days
you are more alive
than the next thousand people
I’ll be forced to meet
and I don’t mean to make
too much of things
it’s just that the days
are not much
without you
and I don’t know if I have it in me
to ever be
beautiful again
but I guess people have it tough
all over
and anyway maybe they were right
when they told me you were
no good
but the thing is I’m that way

* * * * *

William Taylor Jr. lives and writes in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. Broken When We Got Here, his latest book of poetry, and An Age of Monsters, his first collection of fiction, are both available from Epic Rites Press. The Blood of a Tourist, a book of new poems, will be published in early 2014 by Sunnyoutside Press. He was a recipient of the 2013 Acker Award.