Helen Shepard at Jim’s Coffeehouse & Diner, 2011 — photo by JC

Circular Reincarnation

Time is not linear
Our lives are lived in circles
Going from past to present
Seeking love, hoping for warmth
Yearning for eternity
And never ending life
Fulfilling our innermost desires

I looked into your eyes one day
And saw an intense light
You came from nowhere into eternity
The present became past love
I was reincarnated and changed
A sudden burning desire
Eroded my reality

My heart began to sing songs
Erotic songs that pound inside of me
Dreams that haunt my being
Thoughts that fill my summer days
Winding through sleepless nights
Hoping you return me to my past
Before the flowers fade

* * * * *

Helen Shepard of Oberlin, Ohio, taught at Lorain County Community College and retired as an Associate Professor of Spanish. For many years she continued giving courses for their Center for Lifelong Learning.  Helen has traveled extensively and read several times at Snoetry and elsewhere.  Find out more about her at www.helenshepard.com.