bulbs of man

when you turn the lightswitch to on,
the light will come on.
and if it does not, you would check
the bulb to see if it’s spent.

you would replace the bulb, and the
light would come on, and if the bulb
had not been spent, you would
check the fuse box,
and if not the box, then the wiring
would be looked after, and so forth until
the light was made to go on at last.

you would be much less likely to give
up on a lightswitch than you would
to give up on a man.

* * * * *

“bulbs of man” comes from Bree’s A Leg to Stand On: memoirs and poesy, published in 2013 by Green Panda Press.

Bree is a poet who lives with her husband and cats in a cozy cottage in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Her memoirs include was chicken trax amid sparrows tread and The Rainbow Sweater & My Mother, while her poems appear in various little mags you don’t likely know. 

Crisis Chronicles Press has published two volumes of her song lyrics.