Josh Romig

You Look Just Like Your Father

The doctors told me I should abort.
But my mom convinced me that this was for the best

I wanted a closed adoption.
They said that I’d never see you again.
I was okay with that.
It made things easier.

You have to know,
I never wanted any of this,
I never thought I’d be one to abandon my only child
That’s monstrous.
Please believe me,
I am not a monster.

But he was.

Your eyes are the same.
Dark and hard…
but sort of empty too.

Your smile
is soft and gentle – like his.
A practiced liar’s smile.

Your hands,
they look just like the ones he wrapped around my mouth and neck,
long and thin, but surprisingly strong.

Your voice —
Identical to the one that whispered
“no one will believe you”
into my ear that night.

You even kind of smell like him.

I don’t know what you expected to get out of this:
An apology?
I can’t give you any of those things.

I will tell you this:
I could have spared you this moment,
and not doing so, is my biggest regret.

* * * * *

JM (or Josh, whichever you prefer) Romig likes to write and perform poetry, and is also very bad at writing introductions for himself.

Find him somewhere in northeast Ohio or at