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Au Jardin
by Ezra Pound
[from Canzoni, 1911]

O you away high there,
                                 you that lean
From amber lattices upon the cobalt night,
I am below amid the pine trees,
Amid the little pine trees, hear me!

“The jester walked in the garden.”
                                                       Did he so?
Well, there’s no use your loving me
That way, Lady;
For I’ve nothing but songs to give you.

I am set wide upon the world’s ways
To say that life is, some way, a gay thing,
But you never string two days upon one wire
But there’ll come sorrow of it.
                                And I loved a love once,
Over beyond the moon there, 
                                I loved a love once,
And, may be, more times,

But she danced like a pink moth in the shrubbery.
Oh, I know you women from the “other folk,”
And it’ll all come right,
O’ Sundays.

“The jester walked in the garden.”
                                                       Did he so?