Steve Thomas at Cleveland’s Literary Cafe [photo by JC]

when all hell breaks loose

I have always loved the word fuck
the many meanings, the fury
the fierce connection
in almost any situation
to another person.

when I was young it was my favorite response
almost always seemed appropriate.

I’m an old man now
and most of you would
be unable to picture
me as a skinny kid

fuck you mutherfucker, repeatedly to the vice president
of a company I worked six and seven
days a week for.

the miracle of that event was I kept my job.


at the time I hoped to mature
and be able to speak
to my emotional state
with adroit articulation.

But that’s not what happened,

what happened, what I found
after years of traveling down
my road, and it is my road,

was an ocean of fuck
beneath a rising moon.


(c) 2014 Steve Thomas, used with permission

Steve came into this world early, just after midnight, and has wandered toward dawn all this time, just now learning it sure is pretty in the morning, glad to know there’s daylight just ahead over the ridge.