Journal Entry With a Gun and a Beer on my Table

Shaved head…
Fish lurking through the streets of Worcester.
A metal plate passes for my heart—with the tears of a false profit.
Tired and free forming—going to smoke some weed and wait for the words then.

A swivel walk that was never supposed to exist.
A chain of trucks on Route 290.
Sadness, happiness
Stranded in a city full of soot…apartment akin to a cheap London flat in the 1920’s.

Take the opportunity but never look forward…back?
A young swagger and a bounce-back physical make-up
Loneliness, peaceful…too conflicting to think,
Right here…
Right now…
Facing isolation with determination.
Staring down the barrel of “it.”
Fuck “it”…I’m gonna beat the devil tonight
Beer now…a glass of bravado.

* * * * *

“Journal Entry With a Gun and a Beer on my Table” is (c) by Dan Provost, used with permission, from his new chapbook On the Wagon … On a  Binge, published by What’s in the Bag Press in Cleveland, Ohio.  Order it online directly from the press by clicking here or from the author by mailing six bucks (check or cash) to Dan Provost, 32 Kessler Farm Drive Apt. 493, Nashua, NH 03063.

Dan Provost has been published in numerous online and small poetry print magazines and is the author of eight books. His hobbies include lifting weights and listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Dan lived in the bowels of Worcester, MA, aka the Paris of the 80s, but now resides in Bellingham.

“Journal Entry With a Gun and a Beer on my Table” originally appeared in the limited edition anthology 
Fuck Poetry, published by Crisis Chronicles Press in 2011.