On Beatniks

Beatniks in black berets
Snapping fingers to poetry
In red light cafes

Congregating over
Steaming hot coffee
Reciting Ginsberg with glee
While meditating
On Buddhist Sutras

Soaked in cigarette ashes
Quoting On the Road
Matter of factly while appraising
An authentic Warhol

As they itch
Their striped turtleneck sweaters
They wonder why the cafe
Makes so much money
Off those who reject materialism
And “The Man!”

* * * * *

Ryan Sagert is a poet from Lorain, Ohio. He has been published in the North Coast Review and Word Salad. He studied poetry under Bruce Weigl at LCCC, worked as an extra in The Avengers, and had a small part in Freedom’s Light: A Stop Along the Underground Railroad.