Janet P. Caldwell

I’ll Meet You There

I do not . . .
belong to you
you do not
belong to me.

No one belongs to anyone
this is common slavery.

We are the Children of the Universe.

Saying what we mean
and meaning what we say
with open hearts . . .
unrehearsed this day.

Haven’t you heard
how easy it can be
or was your spirit
deeply submerged
in a delusional
illusionist’s reality?

Well, much like you . . .

I not only need my freedom.
I have taken it.
I AM loving it.
I AM living it.
Getting on with it.

I am dining in
and with the Divine.
As is set before
and within me . . .
yes, this table is mine.

Won’ t you come dine with me ?

A gift, you see?

I am . . .
re-learning and remembering
how to enjoy it
piece by piece
slice by slice
line by line
everyday . . .
all of the time.

I have consecrated
this breath, this love
to a place of gratitude
and remembrance
of me
and who “I AM

It is filled . . .
with Universal affluence
side dishes are gushing with trust
and our Global Family
sits with us . . .
filling ourselves.

We are servants to and of humanity
not slaves, and we are satiated
look all around . . .
it takes a bit of bravery.

Ya know, It’s so funny
when people meet
the things we find endearing
may be so enticingly ~ sweet.

( Really ? )

Life does not have to be a chain
around your neck;
and I will not allow
one on mine.

No, I don’t want that . . .
not this time
and never again

It’s too cold, far too heavy
and like a pendulum
swinging and stirring
the air draftily.
I am not falling again
for the craftiness
of the world of men

simply BE
Be you, be me
and let us BE . . .
Authentic for a change.

It would behoove us to
have the strange masks removed
and our thoughts rearranged
to a place of love and forgiveness
with our gate-keeper employed
no weeds are allowed in this fertile ground.

Deep breaths
in and out
a life exchange.

What do you say?

In the BE-ing . . .
some refuse to see
the endless possibilities
that are found in the
letting go . . .

I did . . .
and now
I realize that
I must grow
and glow
from within . . .

re-birthing myself . . .
labor gains and all.

Shining a light and going
to where my path leads . . .
hand on the magical / mystery door.

Slight turn, and I see
1 degree
where rows and bows
are loaded with unopened gifts
that have awaited me.

Sky high, from floor to ceiling . . .
opening them, I experience
the holidays once more.

It is not my issue
or yours
but it may be theirs
if they keep dragging
that burdensome baggage along

So strange . . .
when it appears that we’ve changed.
We have awakened.

At least on our way.

I am to a point that seems
as if I do not care. I do.
But not as you / they
think or say that I should.

It is my life, isn’t it?
Of course it is!

What do you say?

Won’t you come out and play?
Oh Children of the Universe . . .

I’ll meet you there . . .

[© Janet P. Caldwell ~ June 23rd, 2013]

* * * * *

Janet wrote her first poems in an old diary where she was noting her daily thoughts by the tender age of eight. Along with her thoughts and poetry she drew what she refers to as Hippie flowers. You know, the Sixties / Seventies flower power symbol of peace and love, which are a very important part of her consciousness today. Her first book, in such unassuming diaries, would never see the light of day due to an unfortunate house fire.

This did not deter her. She opted for a new batch of composition journals and filled every one. In the early 1980s, Janet held a byline in a small newspaper in Denton, Texas, while working full time, being a mother and attending night school. Since the early days Janet has been published in newspapers, magazines and books globally. She also has enjoyed being the feature on numerous occasions, in magazines and on radio. She has gone on to publish three books. 5 degrees to separation (2003), Passages (2012) and her latest book, Dancing Toward the Light . . . the journey continues (2013), published by and available at Inner Child Press, as well as at fine bookstores everywhere.

Discover more at http://www.janetcaldwell.com/.