The Random Life

The words go in one ear &
Out the other streamin’ thru
Unconsciousness washin’
Away some memories I no
Longer need makin’ way for
New thoughts I no longer
Believe & pickin’ & choosin’
Ain’t got nothin’ to do with it
What I learn right now don’t
Help me yesterday always
A day short & a dollar late
Burnin’ shadows at both
Ends still don’t help me see
What’s waitin’ up ahead
Don’t matter ‘cause I can’t
Avoid it anyway trapped in
Illusions of destiny at least
I’ve had my say you can’t
Collect in Heaven what you
Didn’t bet in Hell too bad
The fortune teller’s closed
On Mondays

* * *

“The Random Life” appears in KE’s chapbook Burnin’ Shadows [Crisis Chronicles Press, 2011].  Meet the author and pick up a copy at his art show opening, Saturday 21 December 2013 from 6 to 8 pm at JoAnn DePolo Studios & Gallery, 26719 Brookpark Ext., North Olmsted, Ohio.

Kevin Eberhardt is a northern Ohio poet who retired at the first of last year (2012) from one life into the next. He has been writing poetry since high school some 40 years ago. Lately, he’s tried his hand at found/primitive/folk art; this has consumed most of his time. His poetry has appeared in ArtCrimes, The City, the Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle, Fuck Poetry, and the Cartier Street Review. His chapbook Transitory Innocence was published by NightBallet Press in early 2013. Explore more of his work at