for john

he sits back all kerouac
with the holy city rising behind him
he is
the embodiment
of everything a lesser poet ever wanted to say
but wasn’t brave enough to write
he is
my america
he is
the way a man should wear a hat
he is

* * * * *

Alicia Young is a poet, teacher, mother, middling pianist, and above average drunk. She has the tongue of a harpy and is rumored to be a bit of a tramp. She is a modern day Southern belle, born on Kentucky’s bourbon trail, who enjoys black coffee in the morning and a fine cigar at night. Her Electra complex is the stuff of legend.  She makes a hobby of causing sailors to blush.  Ms. Young is the author of Hell on Heels, poems by Alicia Young, released in 2012 by Lady-Lazarus Press.