Vocabulary Amusement
by Justin W. Price

Pungent vociferous Viking man
Laughing oddly at the rapidly growing moose brains
Eating heads and drinking blood
From the skulls of reindeer
With fur coats of gargantuan orangutan proportion
Raping and pillaging and tearing asunder

Magic man, spinning awe and wonder
Cattle fish cut vice grip flap jack
Wearing polish Armani sausage hats
And necrophiliac ants and frizzy
Nappy headed grease farms of juxtaposed vision quests
Reigning supreme with the Cherokee
The chickadee
The Choctaw and Sacajawea’s breasts
Milk white and firm
Pulled from a hat
Rabbit like

Tales spun in the depths of night
Drunk on anti-freeze frostbite gin and marijuana
Dancing naked in the moonlight while the wolverines watch
And the cougars courageously laugh and smirk
Amidst swarming cantaloupes and lizard brains making stew to cure tuberculosis and psychosis
Californication has us
By the toes,
Slimy with jam.

* * * * *

A Gover Prize (short fiction) finalist, Justin W. Price is a short story, biography and humor writer. His poetry collection, Digging to China (in which “Vocabulary Amusement” appears), was released early this year by Sweatshoppe Publications. His work will be featured in Best New Writing (2014 edition), and has appeared in many publications including the Rusty Nail, eFiction, Burningword, See Spot Run, The Whislting Fire, Literary Juice, the Crisis Chronicles, The Hellroaring Review and the Bellwether Review.

He works as a freelance writer, editor, and ghost writer and blogger. Justin lives in a suburb of Portland, Oregon with his wife, Andrea, their two dogs a labradoodle, Bella and a Shnoodle, Sauvee and a black moor goldfish named Howard Wolowitz.

Learn more about Justin’s career by following him on Facebook and Twitter.