home from the war

i went out with my friends
all dolled up
in my high class call girl best
the night after we broke up

he was tall blonde beautiful and stupid
5 years younger than me

a marine

home from the war

on leave
the groom of his wedding party

we got bleedin’ drunk on 5th street
and stumbled back to the millennium hotel
buying condoms along the way

it was the place
you and i
had first met
and said goodbye
that sickening july

perfectly evil indeed
america’s favorite white meat

and i fucked him
i fucked him so hard

to spite you
to eat the world

to reclaim me

to kill anything of us
still holy

* * * * *

Alicia Young is a poet, teacher, mother, middling pianist, and above average drunk. She has the tongue of a harpy and is rumored to be a bit of a tramp. She is a modern day Southern belle, born on Kentucky’s bourbon trail, who enjoys black coffee in the morning and a fine cigar at night. Her Electra complex is the stuff of legend.  She makes a hobby of causing sailors to blush.  Ms. Young is the author of Hell on Heels, poems by Alicia Young, released in 2012 by Lady-Lazarus Press.