Self Portrait – (c) 2013 by Cheryl A Townsend




Sex is sex is sex is sex

and love is just the aftertaste

singing a cappella orgasms

there’s the lost & found of morbid lust

you can’t possibly train for this marathon

and having won it – honeybunny

well that’s just the worst part



Blast my night with your

insipid spasms & whines

it’s cool enough now not to matter

and I don’t care whose name you call

or if you even kiss me afterwards

it’s not about any of that shit

really – it’s just the fitting

the yours and mine and sometimes ours

it’s about the whole fucking night


it’s about the hole – fucking – nite




Ho Ho the mistletoe

and Christmas is many

months ago gone

but kiss me sheepishly

anyway beneath that

dried up swag

glide your boozey tongue

across my wind-chapped lips

I’ll even spray a little

pine-scented freshener

under my arms

for the perfect noel


These poems originally appeared in
Fuck Poetry, a limited edition (and now out of print) anti-censorship anthology published by Crisis Chronicles Press.  They were written in 2009 and are (c) 2011 by Cheryl A Townsend, used with permission.

Cheryl A Townsend is a photographer who used to write poetry. She is the gallery director for The Box Gallery in Akron and heads up the Women’s Art Recognition Movement (W.A.R.M.). She’s been known for many things.