A Nugget’s Fugue

The wound plows
a cave, sinking

the fabulous pool of wealth
groping for white

Do you hear the sadness
in what you did
How it crumpled the form

singeing the bloom
off your palm’s resentment
How, like a nugget’s fugue,

it slid on moist pavement
the way a crutch slips

While stars like anthems
deep in your offense
forget me

(c) 2013 by Chuck Richardson

Chuck Richardson is the author of two novels, Smoke and So It Seams, and an e-book, Dreamlands: 3 Fictions, all from BlazeVox [books]. His short-fiction, criticism and poetry have appeared in Thieves Jargon, eccolinguistics, Reconfigurations, Atticus Review, Blood Lotus Journal, Full of Crow and elsewhere. He lives in Western New York.