Love Stinks…
I don’t know what’s worse
the smell,
or the fact that I
keep sticking my nose in it–
stinks like
some poverty stricken diabetic
has been dipping his gangrenous
toes in it,
stinks like
there’s some yet undiscovered
fungus that grows in it
my old spores carrying amor
find their way
up nasal passage ways
to the dank dark
corners of my brain
the parts that thrive off pain
and the thankless search for
a festering odoriferous pile
of rot, covered in mildew,
(I love you)
love stinks
I know this, I do–
heinous as it is, I’ve found
I can’t live without it
forever bound by
my romantic demons’ unwavering persistence
lashed to a floating turd
called love
adrift in the sewer of
this terrestrial existence.

* * *

“Love Stinks” comes from Cee Williams 2012 chapbook 12 Poems, published by Crisis Chronicles Press.  It is available for $5 from John Burroughs, 3344 W. 105th Street #4, Cleveland, Ohio 44111.

Cee Williams is a poet and spoken word artist residing in Erie, Pennsylvania. His work has appeared in the poetry and visual art journal Bathtub Gin (Pathwise Press) and in the Dwelling in Possibilities anthology edited by Berwyn Moore. In 2010 Williams was named as a finalist for the Erie County Poet Laureate award. He is the founder and director of Poets’ Hall: the International Fellowship of Poets and Spoken Word Artists, for which he was the recipient of the EMBYP 2011 award for Business Innovation.