from Only Human by Definition by Jay Passer
[cover foto by
Smith, manipulated by JC]

The Paving of the Garden

night, corrupt
with Tom Edison’s
wet-dream light-bulb.

betrays hoof-beat;
Herr Ford’s assembly-line
fiercely emulating

Bob Opp, atomic
insomniac, chain-smoking,
firm grip on the
squinting at the
cold mesa
that fateful morning at
Los Alamos.

and the serpent looses the
apple, striking
Ike Newton. . .

Al G-Bell’s
popped to a 1-900

* * *

Jay Passer is the author of ten or so chapbooks, including the newly published At the End of the Street [corrupt press]. A cook by trade, poet by nature and vagabond at heart, he doesn’t own a car but enjoys driving fast. Born in San Francisco in 1965, he loves cats but is allergic to them.

“Chorus Line Up” comes from Passer’s 7th chapbook, Only Human by Definition, available for $6 from Crisis Chronicles Press, 3344 W. 105th Street #4, Cleveland, Ohio 44111.

Jay Passer — photo courtesy of JP