from Only Human by Definition by Jay Passer
[cover foto by
Smith, manipulated by JC]

Chorus Line Up

With piano wire between the ears and
Cap on backwards he won the game.

Thrilled by reward mechanisms, a
Minotaur maze of active contradiction.

The flag waves high and fierce in
Everlastingly fickle company,
Check-out line spirals around the block.

There’s no shortage of flood,
They say one can drown in an inch of bathwater–
Throw that pinup girl a shower cap.

Box seats for the local hanging by lottery,
Second act promises beheading of kings.

Dental floss connecting pacemaker to ignition.

With Modern Warfare ahead by a length
At 10-1 odds
Nobody sleeps tonight.

* * *

Jay Passer is the author of ten or so chapbooks, including the newly published At the End of the Street [corrupt press]. A cook by trade, poet by nature and vagabond at heart, he doesn’t own a car but enjoys driving fast. Born in San Francisco in 1965, he loves cats but is allergic to them.

“Chorus Line Up” comes from Passer’s 7th chapbook, Only Human by Definition, available for $6 (includes postage) from Crisis Chronicles Press, 3344 W. 105th Street #4, Cleveland, Ohio 44111.

Jay Passer — photo courtesy of JP