video courtesy of lunanegramag

“Apples and Bread” written and performed by Christian O’Keeffe of Kent, Ohio. Some of his influences have included the river, Jim Carroll, Maj Ragain, Jack Micheline, Bob Kaufman, moths, deer, blue heron, Kurt Cobain, Arthur Rimbaud, and that ecstatic act of walking. Christian died on 27 May 2012 at age 20.

This is one of 14 videos being featured in Luna Negra‘s Spring 2012 print issue using an upcoming technology that bridges the gap between the printed medium and multimedia. Until now, audio and video have never been an integral part of the printed medium, but with Aurasma Lite, a free app available on smartphones and tablets, Luna Negra invites you to not only read the magazine, but to engage with it.  For more, visit