Lisa J. Cihlar

The Wind Lass

Standing on the shore, the big lake threw everything at her.  Everything it had—sand, broken reeds, alewife bones, and scales.  She settled her spine flat on the dune, head tilted to the left, always to the left.  Listened to the shush of grain on grain, the rattle of beach pea pods, the screee of seagulls near and far.  Covered with a fine particle blanket she wore away.  She lost her name.  She became a hillock.  The black lab bounding down the surf with a red ball in his mouth was called away when he sniffed her.  This was the place she dreamed.  This was the place she joined the wind and flew apart. 


* * *

“The Wind Lass” (c) 2012 by Lisa J. Cihlar, all rights reserved.  Used by permission. This poem appears in her chapbook This Is How She Fails, published May 8th 2012 by Crisis Chronicles Press.


This is How She Fails (CC#23) — cover art by Lisa Marie Peaslee


This Is How She Fails by Lisa J. Cihlar is a cycle of more than two dozen prose poems comprising 26 pages and featuring a white and dual blue cardstock cover.  It is available for  $7 US from Crisis Chronicles Press, 3344 W. 105th Street #4, Cleveland, Ohio 44111.