Writing a Poem to Chase Away Sadness at the Slow Train Café

by Heather Ann Schmidt

Quiet One–

I know we will never sit across from one another

at a wooden table,

half empty French press of Americano

two cups half full,

throats bursting with lines of Whitman and Morrison’s lyrics

me, taking in the color of the rims around your eyes

when you see the reincarnation of your words.

Instead, I will search for white squirrels

across from Benjamin Franklin’s,

buy Krishna incense to burn in my room

when I write poems about the January spring

that visited on the day I was here

and imagine the way the corners of your

mouth slightly turn up, setting your eyes on fire

when you are happy. 


* * * * *
Heather Ann Schmidt has taught writing and more for several institutions of higher learning in Michigan and online. Her most recent poetry books are The Bat’s Love Song: American Haiku (2009, Crisis Chronicles), On Recalling Life Through the Eye of the Needle [2011, Village Green], Transient Angels [2011, Crisis Chronicles] and Batik [2012, NightBallet]. She is also the founding editor and publisher for Recycled Karma Press.  Heather’s forthcoming collections include Red Hibiscus and Field Notes.  Find more at http://heatherannschmidt.yolasite.com.