Met a Mat, a Door I Didn’t Like
by John B.Burroughs
from 6/9: Improvisations in Dependence [2009, Crisis Chronicles Press]

Random ramblings
Run dumb and smart
Numb and smarting
Flush with art and artless
Like farting in calligraphy

Gas rhymes with ass
And no class
And yes
Dismissed rhymes with pissed
And missed and nearly amiss and remiss
Even this

I’m rambling
Randomly scrambling
The few semi worthwhile thoughts I can
Muster with my ass on the toilet
Abdominal cramps
Faux leather journal resting on my write knee
Foster’s beer in one hand and
A wine blood red broken but
Functional mechanical pencil in the other

I’m a man
Who doesn’t feel like much of one
Not a woman
Though I suppose I feel like most of them

Trying to find myself in
Random scrambling
Ambling through a know moon
New moan darkness
Though it’s nowhere near midnight yet
And this is one of the year’s longest days

Longest daze I’ve been in for a while
Or so it seems when I’m in it
Trying to bear it
Bare and grin it
Maybe even win it
Or feel like a winner
Instead of a wiener
A whiner or a ham burgher
Though I know I shouldn’t treat
This like a competition
Or a smorgasbord

I want to say
What do you know?
But come to think of it
What do I know?
Even my best attempt at avoiding any gimmick
Makes me feel like another dull mimic
Every stab I make at originality
Smells of another stale gimmick
And sometimes my every scribble
Seems to rhyme
With fibble
But in two words
And I’m losing any inclination
To play anything other than

John wrote and posted  “Met a Mat, a Door I Didn’t Like” on his Tao of Jesus Crisis blog June 22nd 2009.  Shortly thereafter, he selected his favorite blog ramblings from that month and published them on July 4th 2009 as a chapbook entitled 6/9: Improvisations in Dependence (CC#3).

To order a signed copy, please send five US dollars (shipping included) to John B. Burroughs c/o Crisis Chronicles Press, 420 Cleveland Street, Elyria, Ohio 44035 — or use the Buy Now button below to order online via PayPal.