There Are No More Poems

There are no more poems
between the void and the flood.
No vessel to contain the raining
in this blood.  No more salt
upon the wounds. 
Cauterize me.
Span together the plenitude of faithless
lacking triumphs.  No scars.
There are no songs,
no whispers in the overture,
no cadence or crescendo to hollow out
this failure.
So, darling, fill me.
But know that there is nothing:
No girl, no love, no life.
And there are no poems.
A forceless push…
The body resides beneath
as a breath once breathed, released,
dissipated into disease. No words,
no tongues. And nothing.  No one.
Separate the non-existence of expectation:
A sun that does not set,
The moon that cannot rise.
I will never love because I never could.
What we had was frameless and so it never stood.
Pour me out in concrete,
Buildings–cold and stark,
Stale and heartless.
Let me go. The way you looked into my eyes
and fucked me.  Eyes that said you wouldn’t.
There are no poems for the tears I will not cry.
No words for the weaknesses I cannot feel
No songs for what I won’t embrace.
Endless is the soft sallow comfort:
the decadence in despair.

“There Are No More Poems” ©November 2011 by Natalie Webster, all rights reserved by the poet

Natalie Webster’s poetry has been published in Take It to the Street Poetry’s Force Fed as well as on the on-line blog Infloressence.  She received her B.A. in Language Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.  Her spare time is spent working creatively with children’s art classes on painting, creating and writing who, for better or for worse, are her muses. Natalie keeps a web scrapbook of inspirations and writing sketches at Ice and Coffee.