Back cover of Unruly by Steven B. Smith
published 8/20/2011 by Crisis Chronicles Press
(foto by Smith, text added by JC)

No TV for Me
by Steven B. Smith, from Unruly 

News depresses me
with its shallow anger and hate
but what gets me more
is doing our laundry
at the Soap Opera Laundromat
having to hear Drew Carey
call contestants down
to The Price is Right stage
where they bounce
and jiggle
and squeal
and wiggle and squirt
in greed of need
and want to flaunt
something for nothing
in quarter hour fame
before the shame
of being same
all small and normal

Front cover of Unruly by Steven B. Smith
(foto by Smith, text added by JC)

Steven B. Smith‘s poetry chapbook Unruly is available for $7 US from Crisis Chronicles Press,
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