Embrace of Pretense


Do you feel this embrace of pretense,

two souls in joyous kiss? The less

solid I am the more true I am. No time 

passes; it only seems to hold our play.

We feel pain and loss, sensations and

depths of war, and action. There is no 

need to feel condemned by eternal life.

Life is not a life-sentence. It is choice.

All lives and forms are self-chosen



The great swindle was loss

of pretense–the effervescent

imagination sees things to see.

Let me show you animals who eat

stones–takes a long time in little

bites–lichen, the rust on stones;

lizards the slick thoughts of stones.


You know how much I hate serious

time. Let’s jump out of the water

as fish in big splashing loops and

breathe the air spectrum, one gas

at a time. How oxygen tastes, how

helium, how chromium, vanadium,

wampum; how silly the snails feel

walking on their stomach foot, tasting

dirt and plant juices. Ah, good idea.

Let’s stick tongues on our feet and

go walking in the swamp.


Girl With Green Eyes 73

by Russell Salamon
October 27, 2011

* * *

Recommended Russell Salamon works include Descent into Cleveland (1994, Words & Pictures Press), Woodsmoke & Green Tea (2006, deep cleveland press), and Ascent from Cleveland: Wild Heart / Steel Phoenix (2008, Freedonia Press).  You may contact the author at thesalamons@earthlink.net.