KevinEidyllic.jpg Kevin Eberhardt, poet picture by insightoutside

On becoming a friend

Casing yesterday’s dream
Like a cello on a rainy day
Scraping the pavement for
A bit of inspiration a foot
Print left undisturbed in the
Cement duly initialed and
Paraphrased of sentiment
Hopefully heading in the
Right direction asking the
Right question of a stranger
You just met for the first
Time & will never meet
Under that guise again 


* * * * *

“On becoming a friend” (c)2011 by Kevin Eberhardt, used with the poet’s permission

Kevin Eberhardt is a northern Ohio poet whose work has appeared in ArtCrimes, The City Poetry, the Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle, Fuck Poetry and accompanied images by London photographer Richard Byerley. He is a featured artist at  His chapbook, Burnin’ Shadows, was published in 2011 by Crisis Chronicles Press.  You may contact KE at