Back cover of Unruly by Steven B. Smith
published 8/20/2011 by Crisis Chronicles Press
(foto by Smith, text added by JC)

The Socioshere vs. Mother Earth
by Steven B. Smith

NO EXIT reads the movie marquee
NO RIGHT LANE says the sign by the side of the road

I’m rolling seven dice like dead man’s teeth
and counting all the dots

For the dead shall speak

I’m not a flash man
I prefer to look among the shadows

There’s a darkness between the light
and the light behind the dark

All part of Noah’s Ark

How do we describe
these thing strings of life except

All the above
all the below
all the in between
forever and ever unmet

Faux foundation for the worry farm

Because the slats in the shadows
still slant from summer to sun
as the light through the leaf waters the vine
bringing slight sheen of rosemary green
and the olive leaf’s lean silver gleam


Front cover of Unruly by Steven B. Smith
(foto by Smith, text added by JC)

Steven B. Smith‘s poetry chapbook Unruly is available for $7 US from Crisis Chronicles Press,
3344 W. 105th Street #4, Cleveland, Ohio 44111.

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