KevinEidyllic.jpg Kevin Eberhardt, poet picture by insightoutside

Natural selection

The world’s incoherent
Everything’s all reality
That just ain’t real only
Muggin’ for the camera
Then grabbin’ the cash
Violence is the new art
& actors can’t act only
Look good when they
Get their heads lopped
Off or get bit on the neck
By a beautiful vampire
Can’t even touch music
No more comes thru a
Computer can’t recall
Any memorable tunes
Since John Martyn died
& it used to be ‘I don’t
inhale’ now it’s ‘I don’t
swallow’ & a gallon of
Gas costs as much as
A can of coffee used
To cost / screw it / I’ll
Go buy me a bottle of
Water with maybe a
Little left over for air 

Gettin’ back to this


* * * * *

“Natural selection” by Kevin Eberhardt used with the poet’s permission.

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