A Sunday Monsoon on I-75

by Heather Ann Schmidt

India is visiting Michigan today
as a monsoon settles in on I-75

What is the Sanskrit word for spring?

My lips thirst for melted snow
and the kiss of travel
away from my studies.
I put down my books
and let them get swept away
down the Mississippi
mud and words come from the same place:
a beginning…

I picture Punjabi women in soaked saris
dancing in the driving rain
celebrating the water, another source of beginning.
They understand baptism
as they dance out its definition.

Fire lights up the mundane and the new
and, as my Zen teacher says,
there is not a trace left behind…
a nothingness

only ashes and air.



* * * * *

Heather Ann Schmidt teaches writing at Mott Community College, ITT Technical Institute in Michigan and Southern New Hampshire University’s online program. Her most recent collection of poems, On Recalling Life Through the Eye of the Needle, was released in January by Village Green Press. Forthcoming collections include Transient Angels and Red Hibiscus from Crisis Chronicles Press.  Find her at http://heatherannschmidt.yolasite.com.