Son of the Sea
by Eva Xanthopoulos

Within this sky
Beneath this horizon
And beneath this sea

A sun sleeps.

Left to dream to the sound of the sea’s waves

within a withered seashell full of many secrets

it wishes not to expel. These secrets, you see,

the salty waters will never tell…

The sun wakes.

Shooting up through the waves, clutching onto
a fin of a dolphin as it glides in the water
with the speed of a cheetah.

Within this season
of winter blue

The sun emerges.

And rises, kissing
the sea it caresses.

Skyline and water
dance underneath
the warming spotlight.
They brush each others cheeks
As they hear the dolphin speak
Of the promise it broke to the sea

All its secrets exposed
Walls no longer enclose
Its limitation

And when the moon arrives
She’ll cry out:

“Son of sea!
Come back to me
For I’m much too cold to live
under the day sky you sold to

* * *

Eva Xanthopoulos, author of The Artistic Muse, is currently an English major / art minor at Cleveland State University.  See and hear more of Eva’s work and learn more about her at