it’s the quality of hollowness that determines the note

The darkness is too smart or too stupid not to manufacture the night
My beautiful mind massages truth with sensual oils and emollients
But it’s just a passing fling
The vice president gets a new torture gift set
His needs are profoundly simple
His erection says there is nothing
More romantic than brute strength
The main course was lovely, but there’s blood in the dessert
The melody of the violins stinks of lust
The filament creating the light in my eyes
Burns for decades on the world’s most efficient lack of depth
Bones murmur are you ready to get naked
To the bone
I plead not guilty to blamelessness


* * *
William Merricle lives in Lima, Ohio. His poetry has been published in PuddingSlipstream
ZeroCity, and many other publications. His latest chapbook, Heimlich The Donut, is available
at Pudding House Publications.

“it’s the quality of hollowness that determines the note” © 2011 by William Merricle, used with permission