state of god is the state of man. I want to make god in you. Hello,
hello, our resurrection devices, we lift each other into the hosanna,
hallelujah, en-theos-iasm of who we mean by Life. Visible Life can be
cared for, loved, set free, appreciated. Something can be done about the
invisible state of god by looking at visible life forms and their
conditions. The promised later states of heaven and hell are ways to say
how we are doing now. At C
time (or your holiday) the good will, care, appreciation, the raised
emotional tones, the hints of heaven in your eyes, that is where we live
from. The Origin Point of good will is the divine point. It is not much
to do: one assumes the state of original Faith and breathes in and
out.. Make sure of the out. Holding your breath of Faith might turn you
into a winter scene with forty foot snowdrifts that reach up to the
power lines. I want to find the obvious divinity. You
smile–aha–paydirt, pay angel breath, payload. Repayment for all the
other flows of good wishes among the lives, children, women, returning
servicemen whose daughters have been longing for the moment of
astonishment of your return. Reconnection–the completed state of god.
We are doing well today. The future world is here for at least a few
days. Then the past may come with its baggage, will try to sell you a
disease or murder, but today, in this blue morning air cool as dreams,
spills all our good wishes across the land. Merry future world, merry
freedom across the lands and minds. We have been waiting to find each
other. We are found. You are so beautiful. You too, tough guy.

—Russell Salamon
December 25, 2010

* * *

Recommended Russell Salamon works include Descent into Cleveland (1994, Words & Pictures Press), Woodsmoke & Green Tea (2006, deep cleveland press), and Ascent from Cleveland: Wild Heart / Steel Phoenix (2008, Freedonia Press).  You may contact the author at