It is raining. New grass lights

green rooms where angels split

light into red colors and shout

green trumpet slogans: time,

time, delirious vortex, simmer

water, sight reverberations.


If this is presence, it must be

presence of soul, wash of slick

green water carrying sky time–

if these are real then real is souls

breathing animate stones. And

if this is imagination then life is

present in your eyes.


If this is rain then it must be

thoughts falling clean, clean;

light falling transparent water,

steam angels, green grass minds.

If you are with me then this must

be the eternal moment in your

consent to see universes.


And if it is time falling in drops

of known water, then wet skin

and cold winter define how

miracles drive green time.

–Russell Salamon

December 18, 2010

* * *

Recommended Russell Salamon works include Descent into Cleveland (1994, Words & Pictures Press), Woodsmoke & Green Tea (2006, deep cleveland press), and Ascent from Cleveland: Wild Heart / Steel Phoenix (2008, Freedonia Press).  You may contact the author at