Behind Closed Doors
by Diana Rose

Scent …clings to a room
Pervacent as cats feet across
mystic night air
It seeps in sleeping minds
with eyes wide shut,
rendezvous in midnight hour
while a sleeping dog lies.
See spot run,
the drum beats the tune
and he runs
baying at moon with packs
of wolves in sheeps clothing
Pissing on fences
for circumstantial reason.
Whispered words
centered focus
were more than the fine line
walked down the median
with headlights
blurring vision,
between the sheets
of the fucked
and mind fuck
Beyond the
of reality
fenced framed and fucked again.
American whore
the pictures of her
on the players lists.
More than this
time ticked
sands sifted through fingers
where and when
were we before this…
still whispered
were the words…
warm inviting
like the kiss of Judas.
the slap
with a whip(lash)
jazz chords
rift final notes
beyond all belief
as you walked on down the hall.
The closed door
the tale to be told
in darkness
fucked again.


* * *

Diana Rose was known for years on MySpace as “Angelheart” who between the years 2006-2010 produced the “Weekly Top Ten” and spun off a weekly radio show on BlogTalk Radio that interviewed poets and editors and producers around the globe. She is proud to have interviewed hundreds of poets such as Max Parthas, Talaam Acey, Eddie Oliver, Eric Moore, Award winning screenplay writer James Crafford, Epiphany Castro editor, and founder of Madswirl Johnny Olsen. She has been published in LitUp Magazine, Plebian Rag Vol I, Virgogray Press (National Poetry Month Anthology), Alabaster and Mercury Vol I, WebDigest Weekly, Blue Turtle Crossing , 10K Poets National Poetry Month Edition, and Carcinogenic Poetry.  She is glad she didn’t listen to her sophomore year professor to “do the world a favor and give up writing” or she wouldnt have met her soulmate/poet Anthony Thomas better known as Frankie Metro. Together they are fueling the world of small press enough to set the world ablaze. Catch them in open mics in Tampa/ St Petersburg area of Florida… they may be traveling to one near you!  Diana is raising four budding Mad Ones …who are future bad boys, artists and TV Journalists. (Gonzo reporting anyone??)  Join her at the St Petersburg Pier for a bucket of Coronas or a Mojito or two any day!!