21 Lines Fusion Sonnets of 21st Century [selections]
Poet Laureate Dr. Sonnet Mondal

Specialty and variations:

21 Lines Fusion Sonnets.

It Comprises of a 14 Lines Poem followed by a half sonnet of 7 lines acting as a coda or tail to add additional stability to the poem.
First Fourteen Lines:
Same Rhyme in 1st,5th,9th & 10th Lines.
Same Rhyme in 2nd,3rd & 4th Lines.
Same Rhyme in 6th,7th & 8th lines.
Rhetorical questions in 9th & 10th lines.
Negative and pessimistic note in the first 10 lines.
Free verse carrying Optimistic Tone in 11th, 12th,13 & 14th Lines.
Volta gradually through 9th, 10th and 11th lines.
Next Seven Lines: The Half Sonnet acting as a coda.
The 14 lines in each case is followed by a half sonnet of 7 lines acting as a coda to add a two dimensional note in the poem, beginning with the same 1st line and ending with the 5th line of the poem.
Same Rhyme in 16th and 17th lines.
Same Rhyme in 18th and 19th lines.
Volta in the 20th line.
Liberties: In the length of lines and Rhyme based upon the closeness of pronunciations.
Theme:  21 Lines Fusion Sonnets deal with heavy and deep themes.
The 21 Lines Fusion Sonnets:


Sonnet 5

The steel cages rusted, rotted yet strong and bold,
Inside them lies a separate world of wild limbs limping–
And turned inert with torture and malfunctioning,
Their bloody flesh exposed a slapdash attitude with distressed feeling.
Excitement in eyes, pleasure in heart, wonder in minds from sufferings untold.
The fierce paws perhaps waiting for the head,
One chance will kiss alive the daring dead!
They are here cogently none of them are well fed.
What makes them stay here for hours in heat and cold?
What if God decides to move them to eternity from these nuts and bolts?
The crowd is increasing with the number of days in earth’s calendar,
Perchance some eyes would feel the ensuing death-
And scream in protest, close the doors–
To provide zeal to work and vigor to our pulse.
The steel cages rusted, rotted yet strong and bold,
The values disgraced and degraded in an ever-sinking trough–
The well born meant to rule and the ill born destined to plough!
The hunger forces them to spread their hands and bow their heads–
Possibly one lord would see the angry eyes desiring to weave wreaths–
And would start heaping red soil in the gulf of separation to change the world of–
Excitement in eyes, pleasure in heart, wonder in minds from sufferings untold.

Sonnet 6

The signs of the past signaling them though the walls of the museum–
Ancestral figures sleeping inside glasses;
A nostalgic journey embedded inside multifaces;
Moving in and out, the sorrowfully happy masses.
The bridge which leads to our much coveted past’s stadium.
The plaster over the stony bones undergoing depreciation,
Unnoticed or willfully derelict till the boss comes for inspection.
Most of the doors have been closed under the poster of renovation!
When will the gates containing history open in open fluid medium?
Is it also ordained to face the delaying court of law, in this millennium?
Beside the central entrance, bamboos have been erected,
The floor is dusty but to support the roof;
The work has started, the contractors engaged, the workforce is on–
Perhaps that could smell breathe into the sleeping statues.
The signs of the past signaling them though the walls of the museum–
Fated to be silent in reaction of the course of detrimental activities,
Carried out by those still figures with cavities–
They didn’t care to save their past–
Then we are far better in saving them in any caste.
We will still care without anger and act to preserve,
The bridge which leads to our much coveted past’s stadium.


Sonnet Mondal, a student of engineering at Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur has authored four books of poetry and his poetic works have been featured in several world famous literary journals including the Poetic Diversity, Houston Literary Review, Sound of Poetry Review, Kritya, Kohinoor, Poets’ Paradise, World Poets’ Quarterly, Muse India and Stremez. His poetry has been read out this year on 5th January on World Poetry Cafe, Canada as message of peace to the world. On 1st October he was bestowed the title Poet Laureate from Bombadil, Sweden for his contributions to the world of poetry at a young age and also to encourage the lost essence of poetry among youths. He was also awarded Doctor of Letters from International University, California upon the nomination of United Writers’ Association, Chennai on 10th March 2010.  In his latest book 21 Lines Fusion Sonnets of 21st Century (Released from Sparrow Publications in March, 2010) he has introduced a new brand of fresh and original 21 Lines Fusion Sonnets. These 21 Lines Sonnets has appeared in Other Voices International Project endorsed by UNESCO and has been translated into Macedonian and Italian.The patron of his works include none other than figures like Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Drew Gillipin Faust, Jayanta Mahapatra, Gopal Krishna Gandhi, Dr. K Thiagarajan, Hassanal Abdullah, Dr. Ajoy K Ray, Subodh Sarkar and Taslima Nasreen etc. Apart from his literary works he dedicates himself towards the society through his journal The Enchanting Verses International and United Minds For Peace Society. He also takes an active role in promoting the Indian Classical music among youths through his organization Musical Oasis for REsurrection(MORE) which has been patronized by Pt. Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Pt. Shankar Ghosh, Pt. Subhankar Banerjee, Pt. Kushal Das, Srikanto Acharya and many others. Sonnet is the Founder and Managing Editor of “The Enchanting Verses International Journal”(ISSN-0974-3057-Registration office-ISSN Centre, France and NISCAIR, India). He is also the Founder and Secretary General of the “United Minds For Peace Society” (A Global Peace Organization-Head office-India) and the Sub-Secretary General of Poetas Del Mundo (International Poet’s of the World Movement–Headquarters, Chile). For details, visit www.sonnetmondal.co.cc 

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