during dinner
by Lara Konesky

It’s shit, every time my parents discuss the time

I tried to kill myself

because the thing is

I didn’t want to die at all

I just wanted to take a long fucking nap

I just didn’t want them to wake me up

to be reminded

of the next day or

even the next two fucking days

I just wanted some peace and quiet

was all

and I guess

forty valium

was not the best way to go about doing that

or to take them

with everyone watching

during dinner 

* * * * *

Lara Konesky is a 31-year-old gypsy/mother/teacher from Columbus, Ohio.  She enjoys outlaws, exaggerations, working with refugees, barbaric and rebellious children, burdens, and sobriety.  After extensive philosophical training, she decided the only real life was the life of the poet.  Her first book, Next to Guns (Grievous Jones Press, 2009), can be found at www.grievousjonespress.com.  She recently co-edited (with Andrew Taylor, Erbacce Press) and contributed to Blood at the Chelsea (Erbacce Press 2010), an anthology of writers writing for other writers.  You can also read her work online and in print at New Aesthetic, Gutter Eloquence, Word Riot, and various other rad places.