Ode to Bats

I wait…

I wait by the cave in anticipation

Of a silver rain that swirls with colors of dark

The color of a hallucination where I have paused

The screen so that the static has time to fill me up.


This is what it means to live inside of an iris

This is what it means to hear things that others don’t believe in.

Your blackness, your life of thirty years is more

Than the songs you sing on a frequency that channels the universe.

I believe that you know where stars go when they die

and you know the power with which they are conceived.


By this Alabama cave, I will wait as long as it takes

To watch you come out and serenade Andromeda

With your whirring that moves the air I breathe.



* * * * *

Heather Ann Schmidt is an adjunct professor at Oakland Community College in Michigan. She edits tinfoildresses poetry journal. Her poems can be found in various online and print journals. Her books include Channeling Isadora Duncan (Gold Wake Press), The Owl & the Muse: Collected Tanka (recycled karma press), The Bat’s Love Song: American Haiku (Crisis Chronicles Press), Njaa (recycled karma press) and a full collection of poems forthcoming from Village Green Press.  She received her MFA from National University.

Her Transient Angels and Red Hibiscus are coming soon from Crisis Chronicles Press.