Sammy Greenspan reads “Driving to Columbus” on 3 April 2009 during
her featured reading at Pumpkin Hollow Antiques and Cafe
located at 24 Bell Street in Bellville, Ohio — (419) 886-6093
(photography & editing by John Burroughs, a.k.a. Jesus Crisis)

“Driving to Columbus” by Sammy Greenspan first appeared in
Heartlands: A Magazine of Midwestern Life and Art, Volume 5 (2007) and is
included in the chapbook, Step Back from the Closing Doors (
Pudding House, 2009)
as well as the 2009 anthology The Pudding House Gang (also by
Pudding House).

Sammy Greenspan is a onetime waitress, lab tech, painter, pediatrician and homeschool teacher. Her 2009 chapbook Step Back from the Closing Doors (Pudding House) was a Pushcart nominee. Her poems and stories appear and are forthcoming in Heartlands, Del Sol Review, In Posse Review, Fuck Poetry, the 2010 Heights Arts Poetography, and various anthologies. Sammy runs the Pudding House Salon Cleveland poetry workshop. You can find her at readings around the rust belt and beyond, and online at