Basket of Jellies
by Misti Rainwater-Lites
“if you understand your painting before making it, there is no reason to make it”

Grandma wanted me to give you
this basket of jellies.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
That is not my truck.
I could not afford a single wheel.
I am here from a faraway there
that began with one skip.
The cool ass circle jerk
boys and girls giggle
at my blood stains
and ill-fitting bloomers.
My lisp is too sincere.
Yes, you see, I am irony deficient.
I’m not interested in earning respect
or brownie points.
I like to name things.
I like to kiss the cold hand
of the truth and give it
pony rides.
My vitamin C injected ojos
can see for considerable acres.
I know the horses.
I see where they go.
I don’t bet on horses.
Horses can surprise you.
Sometimes horses surprise you.
Usually they don’t.
Grandma wanted me to give you
this presentation.
It was her dying wish.

* * *

Misti Rainwater-Lites has chapbooks available from Kendra Steiner Editions, Deadbeat Press, Scintillating Publications and Erbacce Press. Misti’s newest full-length poetry collections, Blank Cake and Sloppy Mouth, will be available this spring from Coatlism Press and American Mettle Books, respectively.  Follow Misti’s blog, Ubiquitous Dandelion, for updates and general goofiness.