Poetry written and performed by Alex Nielsen

Filmed during Snoetry: A Winter Wordfest — a Lix and Kix production
at the Last Wordsmith Book Shoppe in North East, Pennsylvania on 16 January 2010
(photography & editing by John Burroughs, a.k.a. Jesus Crisis)

About The Author:

Alex C. Nielsen is currently coming down off five years as poet-in-residence at the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio – he doesn’t remember much of it, but punching oneself in the head for a living will do that to a man. He’s the kind of guy who would leave a woman pregnant overseas, probably has already, and just doesn’t know it yet. It is also believed by some that he may be wanted by authorities for some nebulous (likely unrelated) offense somewhere in Western Europe. Alex has recently been transplanted in Cleveland, where he lives in a rusted-out boxcar with his current girlfriend and argues obsessively with random people on the Internet via stolen wi-fi signals.

He cannot be reached. Do not bother looking for him. He barely knows where he is himself.