photo © 2009 by Paula Dawn Lietz

Too Easy
by Paula Dawn Lietz
[originally appeared in Vol. 44 of the Other Voices International anthology]

How easy it is to write
of strife and let it
over shadow the magical
mystical intimate joys of
The fresh fiddle head
curled and pulsating in
strength, preparing to
unfurl into century old
yet newly birthed fern.
The acorn strategically
placed by a squirrel —
begins with searching
roots to secure and
stabilize a sanctuary for
life too numerous to mention.
The wonder of mountains
and lush valleys.
Of lakes and rivers and the
sediments and rocks they
leave behind in proof of
their exquisite existence.
The attraction of you
and the scent of you
wrapped around my
slippery sensuous soul.
The energy radiates
from your very being
and ignites me and the
spark becomes a furious

* * *

© 2009 by Paula Dawn Lietz, all rights reserved
included in the Crisis Chronicles Online Library with the poet’s permission

She writes:

It took half a century, but I finally feel like I am striding into my own. I am taking pleasure in the beauty that is placed before me everyday that balances the cloudy days that occur.
Always surrounded by some form of art, a mother/artist and a father/photographer and a home/studio, I was never a willing active participant until this past year. And I now enjoy it all whether it be collages, photography, drawing or poetry.  I try to live by the motto,
“Always be in the process of becoming and never just being.”  And living that motto one realizes that the possibilities are endless.

My greatest master-pieces are my two fine sons.
And my greatest love is my husband.
We live in the vast splendor of the Canadian Prairie and it is here our hearts remain no matter where we travel.
Paula Dawn Lietz