d.a. levy

(10/29/1942 – 11/24/1968)

by d.a.levy


the wall
pink ribbons
in your black hair
and chatters
like a sun
                of cloves
                and saffron
(you buried an eagle
on Italian slopes)
the wind
            at your side
is a trumpet
of black wood
                    and eagles
fly at dusk
(i buried a sparrow
the telephone
your voice
to black poppies
                and blush
like a sparrows cheeks
(we buried the past
with coffins and cloves–
on sleepless nights
there is nembutal)


the piano
                is dark
like a spring night
and nothing but the
of a blackbird 
in angela
are black magic
                and mournful
as if
the teeth
                of the ocean
                are singing
(you are too much
                for evening)
the black trees
                in sunlight
become orphans
                of winter
                and warm days
leap into our 
but you are snails
                and blue water
                and unexpected
postcards smile


if i could pretend
                were Malaga
or Mirages and black alleys
but your pierced ears
                are not
& i have traveled
                your streets
                loving you
where you are white
                as poppies
                and veined porcelain
drowned in sable
                and shadows
if i could 
                scrape you
from my skull
but you cling
like a nightengale
& i have followed
your lines with
                        a poets eye
                        in Puerto Rico
i will be the sun
and devour you


it is strange
                    on days
like sunflowers
black stems
                and waver
(why? — Lisa fell into her
ice cream cone and bruised
her arm)
in a few moments
                of silence
                we form an arch
over the ironing board

* * * * *

taken from ukanhavyrfuckinciti bak
originally collected and edited by rjs and
published by t.l. kryss, GHOST PRESS CLEVELAND, 1967

since d.a. levy rejected copyright as “copyrot,” you may freely reproduce and pass on his work

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